Give our experts a chance to perform your end to end payroll, and you center on your developing business.

People Skills offers payroll outsourcing services to help companies to eliminate the administrative burden of payroll management. Our offered service also helps you re-deploy resources and to focus on other critical business activities that can boost growth and build competitive advantage. Owing to our unmatched expertise in this domain, we are one of the most desired payrolls outsourcing service provider. Our offered services can help your business adhere to all the rules associated with payroll and it leads to avoiding computation errors. We are equipped with latest technology and infrastructure,unmatched and professional statutory compliance team and an effective operational model to provide fully error-free payroll services. Moreover, our offered services lead to better resource management, quick resolution of resource issue and hassle-free management of employee payroll process.

Combined, mistake-free records and reports with more keen business Insight.

Diminished IT infrastructure investment.

Quick resolution of employee inquiries.

Updates on changes in Labour laws

Strengthen your entire employee payroll cycle, from their date of joining to exit.

Minimize risk related to compliance and penalties.

Better resource deployment.

Execution of best practice.

Processing Monthly Salaries

All you must do from your end is, provide us the variable monthly inputs. From consequently, our operational experts deal with everything.

Handling your payroll based on the most recent legislation.

Preparing income tax investment declarations of your new joins and refreshing it on your HRIS

Validation of the inputs received with your organization’s recently determined policies

Furnishing your with combined reports (standard and customized)

Payroll Outsourcing Services Delhi

Payroll Compliance

Payroll Outsourcing Delhi NCR

Ensure accurate processing of the accompanying compliances through an experts leader in payroll and compliance –

Provident Fund (PF)

Employee State Insurance (ESI)

Professional Tax (PT)

Labour Welfare Fund (LWF)

Get consolidated month to month reports and challans of remittances. Besides, get support with consolidated data during audits and inspections.

PeopleSkills makes sure compliances are handled with most recent state-specific legislation.

Processing Reimbursements and Arrears

When your employees present their reimbursement claims through our instinctive ESS portal, we –

Approve the cases based on company policies; integrate the approved cases with payroll data

Send reports on changes made

With regards to processing arrears, our experts ensure the day-to-day maintenance of your arrear registers and maintain consolidated arrear computation reports for assistance during audits.

Payroll Service Provider Delhi NCR

Employee Query Management

Payroll Outsourcing Delhi NCR

Our interactive query management system within our ESS portal enables your employees to raise and illuminate any inquiries they might have; be it Pay, leave, reimbursements and income tax declarations.

Our query management team is responsive, considerate of relevant urgencies and guarantees quick resolution of queries.

Full and Final Settlement

Full and final settlements are the concluding formalities that need to be exhaustively routed to guarantee total compliance with lawful just as established company policies.

Our operational specialists are also likewise industry experts who see every complexity engaged with the full and final settlement process. We oversee everything from –

Figuring payable days

Leave Encashment days/Notice Period recovery

Investment Declaration proofs and reimbursement claims during final settlements

Other payments/deductions

Consolidated reports on net pay/recoverable amount, final Income tax workings, and journal voucher etc.

Quarterly returns filing (Form 24Q)

Exact preparing and filings of quarterly returns is essential to the uprightness of each organization and PeopleSkills considers it important.

Our internal reconciliation process is far-reaching and guarantees most extreme accuracy with respect to taxes deducted. All changes are looked for illumination and at exactly that point do we continue with.

End-of-Year process (Form 16)

Guaranteeing your employees a smooth year-end process is essential as the complexities required during an end of the year process could be very demanding and sometimes unmanageable if not arranged legitimately. Be that as it may, appropriate arranging is its very own use.

With PeopleSkills’s ESS portal, employees would now be able to submit all their investment declaration proofs through an easy to use and mobile-optimized interface.

We’ll delight your employees with online Portal / self-service app


Access to their information for example, payslip, tax sheet, CTC, reimbursements and so forth.

Online tax computation with reenacted tax sheet.

Clear and crystal tax declaration forms with limits and qualified deductions.

Online query resolution.

Output & Transfer office for actual investment proof collection.

Adequately employee correspondence through our online portal.

Full access to payslip and tax related data & information

Gives simple access to verifiable information

Loan workflow simplified

Our completely computerized Technology based ESS gives Our Clients a safe endpoint that permits HR, Finance, and managers to sign into a safe zone where the trading of monetary data happens.


Input & Output validation available online

Administrator/Coordinator can download MIS reports 24*7 (Reduce Dependency).

Filters readily available for custom reports for e.g. location, cost center, employee grade, employee status, department to create etc.

In the event that employee can't get to their information from their logins, executive can furnish them with the required information.

Administrator head can login his employee report through portal login.

Access to all payroll related data & reports at the Click of the Button

The whole query logs are accessible for payroll administrator

Promptly available summary reports for CTC as well as non-CTC reimbursements, loan query Etc.

Evaluate employee MIS/reports through login on our Portal.



No need for new infrastructure
1. Save resources used on employing and training full-time HR staff
2. Maintain existing payroll systems even with changes in company infrastructure


Run your company worry-free
1. Free up valuable resources for your business operations
2. Cut down on tedious admin work
3. Focus on managing your business and improving productivity


Ensure full regulatory compliance
1. Avoid sifting through ever-changing, complex regulations to stay updated
2. Run your business without worrying about unnecessary fines and penalties


Use our existing platforms and systems
1. Save on software sourcing, installation, support and IT maintenance costs
2. Get seamless customisation and software integration into your company’s system, with minimal effort


Expand your business easily
1. Easy scalability at a minimal cost
2. Grow your team without dealing with increasing payroll complexity
3. Implement payroll changes, such as new hires and claims, without worry


Ensure that your data is safe
1. Keep your payroll data on a remote server for safekeeping
2. Limit access to your sensitive information
3. Never lose your data again